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Don describes himself as a "digital pathfinder". In his words: "I explore life from within and without, searching for explanations, for truth, for opportunities and stories to share." Don is best known for his personal website Time Out Of Mind in which he expresses his findings along life's journey - "I believe in sharing my life experiences, especially the common paths we all walk. I believe that the best stories are the ones that we lived ourselves and we should be eager to tell them to others. The more deep and complex the emotions experienced, the better the storytelling of the lessons learned and passed along."

Time Out Of Mind

Don's business selling some of his digital art is known as Digital Passages. Through this company he also does public speaking presentations and computer consulting on database design and workflow analysis. He also operates a custom programming brokerage.

Digital Passages

In association with his websites, Don produces a series of Podcasts featuring interviews, technology commentary and storytelling.

Digital Passages PodCasts

Don is an active member of other user groups including Twin Oaks Toastmasters and the San Diego Macintosh User Group (SDMUG) - the parent organization of our san diego modo user group. We are a Special Interest Group (SIG) of SDMUG.


Don shares most of his digital art freely on his Time Out Of Mind website. "My digital art is one of the ways I use to express the experiences felt in my mind, heart and soul." Here are a couple of examples produced using Bryce...

Intertwined Rings

Hearts On Fire